FIFA 18 Ultimate Team guide to earn more FIFA Coins

This guide will help you to build your team in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team and let you achieve success much faster. The key to success is to have enough FIFA coins to afford the team that you like. There are various different methods available to earn coins we will tell you about the most profitable ones here.

Tips for the beginning of Ultimate Team

Coin Boost: Make sure to activate all the 1.000 coin boosts from the EAS FC catalogue even before you start your first match. This will earn you some quick coins at the beginning that can be used to pay other methods later on.

Sell even weak players: If you should open a pack and get player cards even when they are bronze or silver, make sure to sell all of them on the Transfer Market as this will get you a lot more coins in the long run.

How to get even more Coins

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team includes a new game mode called “Squad Battles” you are going to play either against squads of normal players or real football stars like Antoine Griezman. Before each match you can choose the difficulty you play on, the harder the difficulty the more points are getting added to your rating. This event rewards you on a weekly basis depending on what rank you have reached. It features includes ranks from Silver 3 to Top 1-100, the higher it is the better packs you will get as reward.

Buy and sell players: This is another good trick to make some quick coins. At the beginning you should either concentrate on buying Silver players from good Leagues like Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1 or Calcio A. You should aim for rare silver players for a maximum price of around 400 coins depending on the player. Some of these are even sold for around 2k coins or more. You can make higher bets for these players but make sure to check the price before you purchase it overpriced. You should also keep in mind that there is a 5% sale charge by EA so make sure to at least rise the price for like 10% to at least make a minimum profit.

Lets say you purchase a rare silver player for 400 coins, so if you would sell it for the same price as you bought it you would lose 20 Coins. As you have to pay the 5% fee that EA collects from every sold item. So try to at least sell the player for 500 coins maybe even 600-700 as this will maximize your profits.

Depending on what amount of coins you have as budget you can also buy high rated gold players under their market value and sell them again. This will get you bigger profit for every trade but you also got much more risks as you can lose more coins on every player.

Another good way to save some coins

If you are a good FIFA player FUT Champions mode will be another good way to save some coins. In FUT champions you have to play 40 games every weekend to get your ranking. You can get a ranking from Bronze 3 to Elite 1 or even a Top 1-100 place. The better your ranking is the better your rewards will be. If you play every weekend you also get a monthly reward which contains 3-44 red player cards which contain all the inform cards that has been released in this month. These cards are mostly bound to your account and can not be sold on the transfer market at all.

If the player doesn’t fit in your team you should just put them into your club and save them for squad building challenges. On this way you can swap players that you do not need into better ones that you got a use for.