The best Tower Defense Games for iOS and Android

It can be kinda hard to find the perfect Tower Defense game for yourself. This is the reason why we want to create a list of the best TD games available for smartphones. Some years ago when the first games of this genre were released this were pure Tower Defense games, nowadays all of these games contain parts of other genres too which can make them even more fun.

It’s one of the few genres that evolved a lot within the last years. Nevertheless Tower Defense games are still not that popular as normal strategy games but they definitely got some potential. Most of these games turn out to become very challenging during the game which makes them fun over longer time. As easy games that do not require any effort at all will get you bored very soon.

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is one of the first Tower Defense games that became available on 28. July 2011. The game has been made by Ironhide Game Studio and is being published by Armor games. Until today this is the most downloaded Tower Defense game for iOS and Android. It contains everything a good TD game needs to have. Kingdom Rush contains many levels that need you to defend your base against different types of enemies. The well designed comic graphics are the perfect roundup for it and complete it to one of the best ever Tower Defense games.


This is another Tower Defense game which is very much fun to play. It contains many different Towers, Enemies but also types of levels. Basically there are two main differences between the levels. Even though that the game is a few years on the market now, the graphics are still good and the game is still fun to play. The great mixture between the different types of levels will bring some variety in the game and ensure that you can play it for longer time until you may get bored.

Magic Rush Heroes

This is one of the newer Tower Defense games as it contains many other aspects also. Mainly it is a TD game but it also contains parts of a RPG, Action and many more genres. This mix ensures that there are enough things to do for you in the game, so you won’t get bored.

In Magic Rush Heroes you have the possibility to explore many different game modes, for example the story mode or dungeons to get some additional loot. All in all there are more than 10 modes that you can play to collect useful rewards. The more of them you play the more and faster progress you can expect.

In Magic Rush Heroes you have more to do than just saving a building from getting destroyed by the enemies. You will also need to level your heroes during the game and equip them with stronger gear which you can get for completing certain levels. Note: This game can be really time consuming and you won’t make progress too fast. Nevertheless there is a tool which can help you to fasten up the whole game a little by letting you generate resources for your account. It’s called Magic Rush Heroes hack and you can use it for free.