These are the Hardest Games for Smartphones

Many people think mobile games are only for beginners and are always too easy to complete. Now we will give you a list of games that you might not ever be able to finish. The difficulty the games have is much higher than on most other mobile games but they are definitely worth a try. Especially if the “normal” games are too easy for you this is exactly what you need.

Swing Copters

It is another game of the makers of Flappy Bird and it is even more challenging and requires a lot of skill to reach a score above 25.

In Swing Copters you control a little creature which always flies upwards because of the helicopter blades on his head. By tapping on the display you are going to change the direction it flies to. Your goal is it to avoid as many barriers and swinging hammers as you can. Each avoided barrier will add one point to your score until to the point that you crash into one of the barriers what has to happen at some point in every round.

Dawn of the Sniper (DOTS)

In this game you are playing as a sniper who hast to survive attacking Zombie hordes the problem is that you have to do headshots or otherwise they won’t die. So far this is one of the hardest sniper games that I have played on the smartphone. Especially for beginners this game can be extremely challenging and you might have problems surviving at least a single horde. What makes the game even harder is the limited ammo so you have to make sure to hit nearly every shot into a zombies head. The closer the zombies will get to your location the harder it is to aim on their head so make sure to not miss too many shots on distance as this will cost you the win.

Dawn of the Sniper is definitely worth a try if you are a fan of hardcore zombie survivals. DOTS can be a good time killer but you have to stay concentrated while playing the game as you will be much likely to lose most of the rounds otherwise.

VEGA Conflict

You might be surprised why you find Vega Conflict here in the list of the hardest games for smartphones. The game is not as challenging as the other games but it takes you a lot of time to play through it and this makes it challenging to complete the game. Vega Conflict also contains many different buildings and space ships which makes it more complex than most other mobile games.

In Vega Conflict you will have to build a space base and conquer back the space from the V.E.G.A. Corp. While playing through the story you are going to experience many catching space fights with great special effects. During the game you will conquer the whole are of the VEGA corp. but to achieve this you have to invest many resources into your base and attacking ships. Also you will need some time to find the best working fight strategy to beat each level.

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