Our Favourite Survival Games for iOS and Android

First of all what are survival games? Survival games are based on trying to stay alive and master all upcoming tasks without getting defeated. In most survival games you will start from the beginning after you got defeated, this means you have to play carefully as making a mistake could lose you everything.

Nevertheless, this isn’t bad at all as it is what makes these survival games so interesting so if you did not have played any at all you should choose one from the list and have a closer look at it.


This is one of the most known survival games for mobile phones. It differs from most other games as it includes parts of many different genres as there were Action, RPG, Adventure and Survival. The combination makes it an outstanding survival game that got everything a good survival games needs.

Crashlands will entertain you for countless hours as it got so much to explore and do. The game includes over 450 producible recipes. You are going to find the strangest things under these recipes, make sure to check out all of them. The price of 4.99$ is also pretty decent for such a big amount of playable content so if you got the few bucks, check this out.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s is popular as the first real horror survival game for Android and iOS. The goal in the game is to free a character who got stuck in possessed place that is filled up with robots that will kill you if you do not keep your eyes on them. During the game you can try to figure out the deeper story line that hides behind the little games. This game is not one of the hardest survival games but can still be some fun in bored hours.

Walking Dead Road to Survival

This is our absolute favourite as we also watch the TV Series. This is a pure Zombie survival game, during the game you have to beat uncountable hordes of zombies and capture back the cities. This gets done by your team of survivors, they will fight every horde of zombies and get stronger after reaching a certain amount of experience also called a Level up. This will boost their attributes and makes it easier for you within the next levels.

Walking Dead Road to Survival offers a lot of content to be explored which obviously can take a lot of time. The rising difficulty won’t make things easier so you have to always invest your resources cleverly or farm some more by repeating the same level for a few times. With this strategy you will be stronger than your enemy but it will also cost you some time. A free and much less time consuming way to get the resources that you need is by visiting the Walking Dead Road to Survival hack at http://www.tomedo.net/.

The saved time can be invested in much more sinful things so make sure to try it at least once before you say that you do not need it.