Guide to Fifa 18 for PS4, Xbox and PC

This Fifa 18 Guide includes the following aspects, how to defend correctly and shoot many goals as these are the most important things to know for Fifa.

To win a match in FIFA 18 or any Fifa or football game at all, you need to score goals, thats a fact. Defense is needed to not lose a match but a good attack will make you win the match. So lets get straight to the point of this FIFA 18 guide to score more goals. To become able to shoot more goals you will have to adapt the formation and tactics to your needs. Our FIFA 18 Guide can be seen as a hint on what you have to keep an eye as every player plays differently so you got other needs.

Shoot more goals in Fifa 18 with this Guide

A correct team setup can make it much easier for you to shoot goals agains your opponent no matter what team he has. Our guide will tell you what strategy usually works best for shooting goals and what values are important for each role. In the end you still have to score by yourself but these tactics can make things a lot easier for you.

What is the best tactic to use

Normally 4-3-3 is one of the most played tactics as it is very efficient and you can score lots of goals with it. It has some good advantages over many other formations. As you got three attackers you got it much easier to drive dangerous counters against your opponents defense.

What Values are important for what position?

Goalkeeper: Diving, Handling, Reflexes and Positioning

Wide Defender: Pace, Defending, Physical, and Passing

Central Defender: Pace, Defending, Physical

Central/Defensive Midfielder: Pace, Defending, Passing, Physical

Offensive Midfielder: Pace, Shooting, Passing, Physical

Wing Striker: Pace, Shooting, Passing, Physical

Striker: Pace, Shooting, Physical


You see the most important attribute which every player needs instead of the goalkeeper? It’s pace, this is the attribute that you should mainly focus on as it will be much easier to shoot goals with faster players. The physical attributes also matter for every position as a player which is really weak won’t win you much duels. This can result in much lost balls in the midfield which can be destroying for your game.

Which tactics work best in Fifa 18

We have ran various tests and came up with a clear result. There is not that one tactic that works for everybody so you should take this a hint and develop your own custom tactic which works best for you.

Starting with the strikers you should make your two wingers pull into the middle and make your striker overrun the defense to set a deadly pass. This tactics require you to have some fast players to deliver the best results.

The midfielders are an important part in every team and are not only needed to spread the balls to your attackers. You are going to need them in the defense as well so don’t let them play too offensive.

Defenders: A good strategy is it to have your wing defenders help you during attacks to create a majority in attackers. Don’t set them too offensive as this could cost you some goals in the end. Keep your central defenders at the back is also important as you mostly get goals against you when they are not on their positions. Some players also tend to prefer players with a mid to low attack rating as this will make them stay more defensive.

Who’s the best rated player in Fifa 18?

Once again Cristiano Ronaldo became the best player in Fifa in front of his worst competitor Lionel Messi. He has a overall rating of 94 which is impressive. He can really do everything what a good striker needs. He can go for the headers and net them with a accuracy many people dream of. Shoots, passing and pace are also one of his strengths there are only a few players in Fifa 18 who have a higher pace value than he has.

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