Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Review & Guide

This is a pretty simple but good Star Wars game and everyone of you who likes the Star Wars universe should at least have played it once. Below you will find everything about Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes you should know before playing it.

About the game

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes features battles on the light and dark side so you can play with all your favourite characters on each side. Do not think that you can Darth Vader on your first time playing the game, this isn’t possible without additional help. Besides the Dark and light campaign there are many additional game modi as Challenges, Assault Battles, Mod battles, Mod challenges and cantina nodes. If you keep playing all these modes and win the battles you are going to get some good rewards. Otherwise it can get quite challenging to get a strong character like Darth Vader, Yoda or any other Sith Lord or Jedi.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Where you have to keep an eye on

The rising difficulty during each level requires you to enhance your characters or equip better gear to them. If you won’t do this you will come to the point where you are going to get defeated, to avoid this always invest into your strongest characters and give them your best equipment. The stat improvement will ensure them to do enough damage to win the battle for you in most cases.

What to know about the battles

Each battle includes different types of enemies so you may have to adapt your team to have better chances. All characters have different abilities so make sure to always have enough tank, damage and heal characters in your team. A good balance between all the different types of characters is highly advisable as it will increase your win chances enormously. At the beginning it is not possible to have a matching team of characters for every level but later on you can easily do this.

How to get new Heroes

There are two possible ways to collect a new character:

  1. Data Cards (Packs)
  2. Shards

The first option is the easier one but also the more expensive one as you need to invest money for it. So only take this as an option if you are planning to invest at least a few dollars into Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Especially in the beginning of the game this can give you a good advantage as you will be able to upgrade stronger heroes immediately.

The second option is through farming shards for each character. To see which levels give you the chance on collecting a shard you have to go to the character screen and tap on the hero. There you will be able to see a list of the all battles where you can get a shard for this character. Other ways to receive shards is by completing achievements or purchasing shipments.

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